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5 Fun Ways to Lose Weight & Get Fit

If the very thought of going to gym sends you straight to the sweet cupboard to lift your mood, then it’s time to get creative with losing weight and getting fit. Summer is just around the corner and you need to face facts, you have to find the discipline to shake off the winter weight.

Studies have determined that exercising for only 20 minutes a day, at least three times a week, can energise even the most sedentary person. Take this study for a test run. You will feel more energised, less fatigued, much fitter, and you will quickly start to see the positive side effects.

Before you decide to physically drive yourself into the ground it is best to change your eating habits to lighter meals and snacks that keep your blood sugar steady. Eating for sustained energy is ideally what you want to do. When you get firm with the eating, mentally, then you’ll end up getting firm with the physical too, literally.

Here are five fun tips to help you get fit and lose weight. Get started now and bring on that beach body.

Creative Bootcamp

Try getting all you ‘gym fearing’ friends together and take a light jog to the park. No sweat? Yes you will. Once you’re there, work out a fun routine of lunges, push ups, jumping jacks, sit-ups and 60 seconds of rest in between. Repeat the entire process up to three times.

In the meantime you can all take turns at throwing down the military-style verbal gauntlet with loud commando-style threats. Shouting and encouragement is allowed and perspiring is mandatory. Do this at least thrice a week and do not reward yourself with ice cream!

Run for Your Life

Literally! Get up and join a running club. You’ll meet new people, some may even be as completely unfit as you are! Running is one of the quickest and easiest ways to lose weight, and get fit while feeling bad for others eating their fish & chips, and burgers as you pass them by.

Get your heart rate up, burn those unwanted calories and if you want to make it even more fun, turn things into an obstacle course.. Climb over rocks, run through the mud, navigate rivers and jump over water pits, it really is a load of fun. Running clubs are excellent sources of encouragement and you may soon find yourself hooked.

Take a Hike

Yes lace up those trainers, pack that Camel Bak with the right balance of protein, good carbs and good fats food, and you’re ready to take on mountains.

Start with smaller trails, which will gradually becoming steeper. As time goes on you will eventually find yourself with less weight and more energy. It’s a beautiful thing. Walking on a mountain compared to walking on a treadmill is certainly the suggested choice thanks to the fresh air, variable terrain (to work out several muscle groups) and the endorphin release, all so much better thanks to the outdoor experience.

Chilled Out Workout

Yoga is great exercise and yoga studios are not actually places for people to sleep on the floor! Yoga stretches out the body. It increases muscle strength, tone and energy, improves circulation and cardiovascular health, and it increases your metabolism. Get super active with chilled out yoga.

Walk the Dog

We’re not referring to the yo-yo trick here. You actually have to take your dog out for a walk.

Don’t miss out on improving your mental and physical fitness just because you don’t go to gym, taking man’s best friend for his walk can do this and so much more.

If you get dizzy working out, visit the body balancing professionals first. You will be advised on the best way to increase energy, maintain sugar levels and improve overall functionality. Once you realise that the world really is your oyster in terms of getting fit and losing weight, there’s no stopping you. You will feel full of life, less stressed, in shape and healthier than ever!

Get off the couch now. Get fit, lose weight and berate yourself later as to why you didn’t do it sooner. Summer is coming and you’ve got stuff to do!