Achieving weightloss in cooler month, Caucasian woman holding ladle spoon while eating soup with fresh vegetables

Achieving weightloss in cooler months

As we say goodbye to the hot summer months and pull on a jumper for the first time in a while, we can start to feel a shift in our energy. 

The cloudy skies and cooler nights have a way of making us feel like staying in and snuggling up with a hearty meal, a movie, aaaannnnnd perhaps a sneaky block of chocolate. Thoughts of a cosy sleep in are even more enticing, with early morning routines more likely to slip away. 

It’s normal to experience a dip in our energy levels and even our mood this time of year, but the good news is you’re not alone. Body Balancing Nutrition has got you covered. We know that with a bit of planning, you can set yourself up for success to ensure your healthy eating routines stay consistent, no matter the weather.


Keep up the balance in your diet

Having a balanced healthy diet means providing your body with all of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals it needs to allow work at its best. When your body is functioning well, you’ll have more energy to help maintain healthy habits, exercise routines as well as giving your immune system a head start in fighting off the winter bugs.

Your meals and snacks should feature a range of nutrient-rich foods, like fruits, vegetables, whole grains and protein-rich legumes. And if you’re worried about going hungry there is no need. Simply ‘beef up’ your meals with foods with low caloric density, like leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables.


Make a meal plan

The best way to make sure you take care of all of your nutritional needs is with a meal plan. In the summer months it can be a little easier to eat lighter, and snack on cool fresh fruits and vegetables. We also seem to have more energy to get out to the shops and stock up. 

So when winter comes and the temptation to hibernate is strong, your meal plan is your best friend to help you stick to your weight loss goals and take care of your body’s unique nutritional needs.

Planning out your meals might mean a weekly shop, or online order, so you have all that you need for the week ahead, including the times when you want to enjoy some nourishing comfort food. Who said comfort foods had to be unhealthy?


Prepare in advance

Often, people find that it’s easiest to stick to eating healthy when their meals are prepared in advance, so when it comes to nourishing your body throughout the cooler months, meal preparation is key.

Take into account your personal preferences and lifestyle to ensure you always have healthy snacks and meals on hand when you need them. Whether you’re at work, in the car or heading along to your weekly exercise and social routines, your prepared meals will help stop you reaching for the convenience of a vending machine or relying on the take away options around you.

You’ll also be more excited to get home when you know your meal prep is done and dinner is just minutes away!


Establishing an exercise routine

Commit to an exercise routine that you can manage no matter the weather. Have options for when the weather is cold, or clouds are threatening a downpour. Hitting the gym might be the last thing you feel like doing but it is a great option for all year round, keeping you safe and dry, and kicking those exercise goals. 

But if hitting the gym is just not your jam, that’s totally ok. Remember that every step counts. Your exercise routine could include daily walks with a fine hound, joining a dance class, going to yoga or pilates with a friend or exploring some of our country’s beautiful walking trails that gain a new lease of life during the winter months. Finding a way to move that you actually enjoy is the key!

With improved fitness, strength and mobility you’ll be feeling pretty happy with yourself and enjoying increased energy as you move through the day. Your exercise routine is the best accompaniment to your meal plan to achieve healthy weight loss. Most importantly, at Body Balancing we encourage you to be realistic about your exercise routine. Maintaining open and honest communication with your nutritionist or dietician means your meal plan is tailored to what is realistically achievable for you. So you don’t need to feel guilty if you didn’t make it to the gym last night. 


Choose the right support

At Body Balancing Nutrition, our scientific approach to weight loss allows us to create personalised healthy eating guides specifically designed to suit individual tastes, lifestyles and nutritional needs. If you need some advice on preparing satisfying, nutritious meals that will help you stick to your weight loss goals during the winter months ahead, then get in touch today.

The importance of eating well can never be overstated and this is why we provide a FREE 45-minute clinical fat loss consultation, which is valued at $139. For an eating plan designed around your individual requirements contact us via our webform or phone us directly on (08) 9388 1166 to get started with us now.

In this FREE consultation, you will also receive a body composition scan. The InBody 570 is TGA approved and has medical-grade technology, which will measure your body composition in terms of water, fat, protein, muscle, bone mineral levels and current visceral fat level. This device is extremely accurate and allows you to see where your body is currently at in order to establish your best healthy eating plan moving forward.