How to fuel your body for peak sports performance

Sports performance and nutrition come hand in hand

Even if you never intend on competing in the major leagues or participating in the Olympics, you would be surprised how large of an impact your nutrition can have on maximising your workouts to ensure you continue smashing your personal fitness goals. If you want to become faster, stronger or more flexible there certainly is a link between improved nutrition and better success on the sports field or in the gym. Our food not only gives us the energy to get through our workouts but also aids in the recovery process afterwards. If peak physical performance is one of your goals, an improved nutrient-dense diet can certainly play a role in reaching this goal.

The human body is a wonderfully complex machine so when it comes to improving your diet with peak performance in mind, it’s important to keep it simple and focus on some key principles. So, what areas are important to focus on when it comes to improving your performance?


When you’re looking to up the ante on the fitness front, it is critical that you ensure you’re giving your body enough water to replenish what is lost while you sweat. For most of us some simple H2O before, during and after exercise will be sufficient to keep dehydration at bay. If you intend on pushing yourself really hard for a workout, you may want to consider looking at some beverage options that contain electrolytes to replenish your stores.

Food Nutrition:

Eating a balanced diet that incorporates all of the food groups is vital for improved physical performance. A diet that prioritises protein alongside carbohydrates and some healthy fats is going to be the ultimate fuel for any fitness fiend.

With good food fuelling your body, you can expect to enjoy reduced body fat, increased LBM (muscle), improved strength and enhanced endurance. You can also expect to have improved sleep and more energy stores when you need them most. An improved diet can also impact your recovery time from intense exercise and provide the building blocks for muscle regeneration.

With so many options out there to choose from, sometimes it is tricky to formulate a nutrition plan that is personalised to you and your exercise goals specifically. At Body Balancing, we have a fully personalised approach where we assess your lifestyle, eating habits and exercise routine before putting together a healthy eating program for you that will tick all of the boxes in terms of your dietary and sporting needs.

If you’re interested in getting some assistance from our team of qualified Nutritionists and Dieticians to start your wellness journey, we are delighted to offer you a 45-minute consultation free of charge to determine if our team is the right fit for you. To get started, please phone us now on (08) 9388 1166, or you can contact us via our web form for more information.