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Keeping your nutrition and wellness on track through the festive season

The key to enjoying yourself over the festive period is finding balance For many of us who have committed and worked consistently throughout 2021 to stay healthy, maintaining that healthy lifestyle can be difficult during the festive season. At Body Balancing Nutrition, we’re here to give you the basic guide to keeping your nutrition and

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Why wait to lose weight to start loving your body?

Why wait to lose weight to start loving your body? Take a moment to think about your body. How do you feel? Is your mind flooded with comforting affirmations and kind words… or does it hone in on all of the things that you wish you could change?  Unfortunately, negative body image is something that

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Nutrition for Menopause

How can menopause impact your healthy habits? What is menopause? As we begin to age, the reproductive system – which has been chugging along since puberty – begins to slow down. This causes the body’s oestrogen levels to begin to drop, resulting in a period that may become irregular and then eventually stop completely. Once

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How to spring clean your weightloss journey

Kick-start your weight loss journey this spring! Ahh spring… the days get longer, the breeze a little warmer and the excitement for summer begins to set in. Spring is a time buzzing with new life, opportunity and…what’s that? PANIC! After a dark and dreary winter, you begin reflecting on those chilly nights spent comfort eating.

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Fitness and nutrition guide: The basics of a healthy body

Fitness and nutrition guide: The basics of a healthy body If you’re looking into healthy weight loss, you may have been left feeling dizzy from the conflicting opinions circulating on the internet. Have you encountered one too many websites telling you to completely cut out carbs, fast for half of the day or add butter

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Weight Loss Tips for Sustainable Dieting and Nutrition.

If you’re looking to lose weight, you’ve likely encountered a fad diet that’s sworn to “drop kilos in weeks”. From body cleanses to low-carb plans, skinny teas and grapefruit diets, the list of popular crash diets goes on and on. While these weight loss diets differ greatly in their approach, they all have one thing

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Eat Healthy & Keep Your Energy Up With These 5 Foods

These are some of the best foods for increasing your energy. ‘Weight loss diet’. ‘Healthy eating plan’. ‘Best foods for weight loss’. If you’re Googling these terms, chances are you’ve made sustainable lifestyle changes to your diet – but you might not be feeling the best for it just yet.  If you’re eating to manage

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A balanced diet: a key to healthy weight loss

Despite what mainstream diet culture would have us believe, losing weight should not be a difficult nor unpleasant experience! Believe it or not, healthy weight loss can actually be enjoyable, non-restrictive and can fit into even the busiest of schedules. Body Balancing Nutrition weight loss programs and diet plans have helped people across Western Australia