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Individualised Healthy Eating Plans for You! 

  • Understand the foods your body requires daily, to lose unwanted body fat whilst lifting your energy
  • We create individualised eating plans backed with science and fact-based information to burn body fat whilst retaining your precious muscle
  • We offer individualized eating plans around the foods you like to eat, and a recipe database full of balanced, easy to follow recipes for you and your family to all enjoy!

Healthy Eating PlanThe importance of eating well can never be overstated. Foods you eat can massively affect both your physical and mental state. By adhering to a well-thought-out healthy eating plan you can lose weight, feel more energetic and mentally vital.

For an eating plan designed around your individual requirements contact us via our web form or phone us directly on  9388 1166  to get started with us now.

We will start with a FREE 45 minute Consultation to discuss your personal requirements and how we can help you achieve these.

In this FREE Consultation you will also receive a body composition scan. The InBody 570 is TGA approved and medical grade technology, which will measures your body composition in terms of water, fat, protein, muscle, bone mineral levels and is also able to measure your current visceral fat level. This device is extremely accurate and allows you to see where your body is currently at by showing you your:

  • Percentage body fat
  • Visceral fat level (the nasty disease-causing fat surrounding your abdominal organs)
  • Skeletal muscle density
  • Your ideal weight, including your muscle and body fat requirements, based on the health guidelines for men and women.

Advantages of healthy eating plans

  • Saving time & money- By buying the correct food in advance and ensuring your cupboards and fridge are always well stocked, will prevent you from eating unhealthy snacks and meals when you are hungry. Planning ahead will also ensure you stick to your eating plan, whilst saving you time and money in the process.
  • Increased energy- Eating properly will increase your energy levels and prevent periods of your blood sugar spiking and dipping which happens when people eat sugary & high carbohydrate foods. These foods cause blood sugar levels to spike up leading to a short-lived ‘high’, which soon comes down as fast as it went up leading to lethargy. By following a balanced eating plan designed by our Dietitian and qualified Nutritionists you will enjoy a more harmonious energy and physical balance, without the highs and lows associated with many “diets”.
  • Weight control- Planning your meals properly will help you lose weight and maintain that weight loss over a sustained period of time. Combining an eating plan with some exercise is your best way to lose weight and sustain your high energy levels throughout the day, however our healthy eating plan can still effectively decrease your weight even without regular exercise.
  • Brain power- A healthy eating plan will ensure you feel better both physically and mentally. Eating well is known to improve brain power and longevity.

Eating in a way that benefits you and your body takes a little planning and shopping, however the advantages and benefits will far outweigh any effort that it requires. Talk to our qualified Nutritionists and  Dietitian for a healthy eating plan that is designed to suit your needs and lifestyle.

To get started, phone us now on (08) 9388 1166, or contact us for more information.

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