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Increase Your Energy and Improve Your Health & Wellness Through Healthy Eating Made Easy!

Every day our Dietitians & Nutritionists Help Perth People Get Healthier!

We all want to feel healthy and energetic, however there are many factors that may influence this including your stress levels, diet, sleep and if you exercise or not!

Australians are working harder than ever with increased hours spent at work to maintain their everyday lifestyles. This increase in workload may increase stress levels and affect your physical, emotional and psychological health.

Feeling energetic, stronger and achieving your ideal weight, and maintaining it, through understanding a proven and tested approach is your key to long term success, especially when you learn the correct way from the professionals at Body Balancing Nutrition.

Contact our friendly team for YOUR FREE Clinical Wellness Consultation (Valued at $139), and let us motivate and lead you towards your own unique and successful wellness journey.

Included in your FREE consultation we will show you a detailed, customised body composition analysis report which will help you understand your:

  • Ideal weight, for your height and level of activity
  • Visceral fat level (the dangerous disease-causing fat surrounding your abdominal organs and whether we need to reduce this for you)
  • Skeletal muscle density, currently and where it should be
  • Percentage body fat, now and also ideally, based on the Australian health guidelines for men and women.

At the end of your obligation FREE 45 minute consultation, along with a new understanding of your body, we guarantee you will:

  • Understand the REAL reasons why you may be struggling with your energy and sleep (and it’s not what you think)
  • Find out if your hormones may be stopping you achieve your ideal weight, both females and males
  • Have learnt tips to increase your energy and stamina levels through better food choices
  • Understand what your target muscle and weight range should be based on your age, height, sex and body type.

Join us with complete confidence, as we remove much of the confusion and conflicting messages we receive in today’s world, and educate you on what your body really does need for optimum health.

Eat well, achieve balance and real energy for the long term with Body Balancing Nutrition!

To get started and with limited FREE appointments still available for 2022, phone us on (08) 9388 1166, or contact us via our web form for more information.

If you’d like more specific information around what we do and how we can help and to understand more about our Dietitians, Nutritionists and the BBN approach, please take a few minutes to read through our Success Stories below from people just like you, who have already achieved their health goals with us or Watch this 90 second video 

“Once you learn the right way, you’ll know better for the rest of your life!”

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