“It’s More a Way of Life and Making Better Choices!”          

Thank you to BBN for setting the record straight after all these years of being told, “Its menopause, you’ll never lose the weight” that this is rubbish, and that the BBN program would help me lose the weight that I had put on over time.  It has been the best thing I have done for myself in years.  Whilst learning about nutrition and reading labels on food, I was in turn passing this information on to my 17 year old daughter.

We became quite the team when it came to food shopping and I am now a lot smarter about my food choices, and have lost a considerable amount of weight and feel great.  My daughter also has knowledge that she uses on a daily basis, as she checks out the food labels on everything!!  She has even stopped drinking choc milks because of the high sugar content, lol.

This has not been a diet to me, it’s more a way of life and about making better choices. Forever grateful!

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