“I Have Lost Weight WITHOUT Exercise!”

When my age started to influence my weight, I was still relatively fit as I did regular exercise. However, chronic plantar fascitis and symptoms of fibro myalgia prohibit me from continuing my regular exercises and I ballooned from size 8 to size 12 (this was over 3 years).

When my joints started hurting, my chiropractor advised me to try a ‘low carb’ diet, ie. remove starchy, processed foods, stick to vegetable based carb (excluding root vegetables).  So I googled and I tried myself.  I disregarded my partner’s advice to speak to a nutritionist until 5-6 weeks later when nothing had happened/changed/improved.

I googled nutritionist and found Body Balancing Nutrition (“BBN”). The program confirmed that I was on the right track about a ‘low starchy carb’ diet; however, it opened my eyes about portion and food combinations, and maintaining a stable sugar level throughout the day and night.  My nutritionists provided a lot of support and advice throughout my program.

I have lost weight without exercise!  People at work have noticed my weight loss and I have received a few compliments.  Even though I am still achieving my target weight, which was further impacted by a big holiday; I intend to adopt the program as a way of life.

I have referred BBN to a couple of friends (one was learning about emotional eating, the other had tried stomach stapled and unfortunately failed) and will continue to refer BBN to friends who need assistance. The decision then will remain in their hands.

*Disclaimers: Results may vary based on an individual’s requirements and compliance with Body Balancing’s programs and protocols