“It Is With the Utmost Pride That I Recommend Body Balancing Nutrition to Anyone!”

Being involved in multiple sports throughout high school, I was able to counter balance the fact that my diet was supremely unhealthy, and upon leaving high school at the end of 2012, enjoyed the typical high school leaver’s summer of alcoholic parties and multiple trips to fast food joints whilst relaxing on the beach. This was the beginning of a difficult period in which my diet began to have a massively negative effect on my life.

After dislocating my shoulder multiple times over the summer I was faced with the prospect of a shoulder reconstruction in March which involved 12 months of rehabilitation and in turn completely eliminated my ability to compete in any sporting activities which was the only thing keeping my weight under control.

Over the next 12 months, aside from shoulder rehabilitation, exercise become a rare occurrence in my life, and unfortunately without this aspect, my diet resulted in me “packing on” approximately 20kgs. Going from a healthy 75kgs to an unhealthy 95kg version of myself.

After finally completing the required rehabilitation for my shoulder, I returned to rugby but due to the weight added to my frame, I was hit with severe shin splints which at times left me unable to walk let alone run, so my ability to play rugby was no longer and it was decided I would sit out the entire season to try and get my body back under control before restarting my rugby career in the 2015 season.

Over the next nine months I attempted a range of diets which lasted a few weeks before I fell back into my old habits of lollies, chocolate and fast food, so by the beginning of the 2015 rugby season, I still weighed approximately 95kgs. However I decided to play rugby again, my problem with shin splints still persisted and limited my ability to play the game. I then received another shoulder injury and a few months later was told I would require yet another surgery.

Realising my weight gain had begun as a result of my first surgery, I decided I didn’t want that to happen again and therefore my 21st birthday demand was a paid appointment with a Nutritionist. On my birthday I arrived home to be told an appointment had been made at Body Balancing Nutrition.

I was excited but slightly nervous to begin my weight loss journey, and my first appointment at Body Balance was an eye opener. I weighed in at 98.5kgs but somehow my only thought was not how much I weighed but how little I was going to be eating in comparison to my current meals, I was skeptical.

I went home and thought long and hard about it before ultimately deciding that Body Balance was my only option. I signed up for a six month period. For the first time in my life, I completely committed to the “lifestyle change” and was pleasantly surprised that I was in fact not eating “little” I was eating “often”, this fact along with the wide range of foods available to choose from made sticking to the eating plan easier than anticipated, and the results left me completely amazed.

From September 2015 to February 2016 I went from an unhealthy 98.5kgs to a well-built 81.7kgs at my lowest, a loss of 16.8kg, what was even better is that through my scan I could see that my body muscle” had only dropped approximately 2.5kgs meaning that I lost over 14kgs of “pure body fat”. To drop this amount of weight in only five months was completely unexpected and I know it wouldn’t have been possible without the help and support provided from the staff at Body Balancing, from the greetings when you walk in the door, to the one on one meetings with your qualified nutritionist.

It is clear to see that all involved in the business genuinely care about your progress and overall well-being and will do everything they can to support and assist you on your journey. I can now safely say that those six months has been the most rewarding period of my life and the price became the most important money I had ever spent.

It is with the utmost pride that I would recommend Body Balancing Nutrition to anyone needing assistance on their journey to a complete “lifestyle change”.

*Disclaimers: Results may vary based on an individual’s requirements and compliance with Body Balancing’s programs and protocols