“Initially I did the program to cut weight and did so without any problems, now I’m building muscle….”

I have never been terribly overweight however have always been affected by slowly adding on the kilos each year. Despite trying multiple quick fix weight loss solutions from shake diets, to the high protein diets, to the Atkins/ketogenic/no carb diets, I would always receive small immediate benefits but found that it was a struggle to maintain this kind of lifestyle without feeling burnt out or the weight would rapidly return as soon as I even looked at other foods.

I decided to give BBN a try after a recommendation from a friend and can happily say I now understand why they have been so successful.

Ash, Tanya and the girls have been very informative in helping me understand my body’s requirements and how I can quickly measure out my daily intake with a BALANCE of Carbs, Fats and Proteins depending on what I want my desired outcome to be.

Initially I went through the program to cut weight and did so without any troubles, and now I am using the same fundamentals to build muscle mass and achieve the body I always desired.

Thanks a bunch guys, I wish you all the best and will happily pass on the recommendation.

*Disclaimers: Results may vary based on an individual’s requirements and compliance with Body Balancing’s programs and protocols