“I Feel Much Better, and I Also Shed the Excess 7kg of Fat Without Losing Any Muscle!”

I came to BBN mainly to improve my health and wellbeing. Weight loss was secondary given I was carrying only 7kg of excess weight (although getting rid of it would be a huge bonus too!).

I have previously exercised a lot with no real change to my total wellbeing and body.

With BBN I was able to choose the food within the guidelines, which was great and the food was still great, and I ate more than I ever have (and get to continue to eat like this) so I was never hungry.

I feel much better, and I also shed the excess 7kg (and that was 7kg of fat without shedding any muscle!). I now look great, feel great and can continue to eat in a fulfilling effortless manner while maintaining a great mind and body.

Thank you BBN for changing my life and arming me with the knowledge and tools to continue to “easily” look and feel great for the rest of my life.

*Disclaimers: Results may vary based on an individual’s requirements and compliance with Body Balancing’s programs and protocols