“I Stopped Being Focused on Weight Loss, and Started Reflecting on How Good I Felt and My Energy!”

 I have found the overall experience with BBN to be very enlightening and somewhat life changing. I have tried a number of other programs over the years with some giving me short term success, but nothing that really positioned me to be able to continue in a sustainable manner. BBN has provided me with knowledge and educated me through constant support and accountability of what I eat, the quantities in which I eat them and the importance of getting the protein, carbohydrates and oils in the right balance and rations.

I will continue to follow the BBN principles as I find them easy to apply in my day to day activities, regardless if I am preparing something from my pantry and fridge, if I am looking for produce in the supermarket or grower’s markets, or sitting in a restaurant ordering off a menu.

I have extended my program with BBN as I feel I am getting good support and value for money.

My main goal was always weight loss, however within the first week (or so) of being on the program, it quickly changed my mental clarity and sense of wellbeing. As I started to understand how my body worked and the food it needed, I stopped being focused on weight loss and started to reflect on how ‘good health food’ (in the right ratios) actually made me feel good and gave me energy to meet the demands of my hectic schedule.

The team at BBN are just great and I always felt that they were totally committed to assisting and supporting me in my journey to better health and well-being.

*Disclaimers: Results may vary based on an individual’s requirements and compliance with Body Balancing’s programs and protocols