NOT a One Size Fits All Program... This Is My Eating Plan Tailored Just For Me!

I contacted BBN nine months ago after several months of trying to lose weight using methods I had used, with some success, over the years.  But nothing was shifting this time.  More importantly than a smaller jeans size, I was in need of a greater sense of wellbeing and wellness. After the initial week or two of ‘getting my head around it’ I found my new eating plan easy and reassuring. Reassuring because I know what I will be eating from meal to meal. This is definitely NOT a standard ‘one size fits all program’.  My wonderful, knowledgeable nutritionist worked out an eating plan tailored just for me whilst taking into account my health concerns, likes/dislikes and activity level.  I love to cook (and eat!) so have enjoyed trying new recipes from the BBN website, and also still prepare the family favourites – with maybe a tweak or two, with the family none the wiser!   I have breakfast or lunch out once or twice a week and have had no problem ordering off the menu.

I am absolutely delighted that I have gone from a ‘tight’ size 16 to a 10/12 and feel amazing!  After being on the program for six weeks a visit to my doctor saw my blood pressure and thyroid medications reduced. I was thrilled and my doctor was so impressed she called me several days later for the contact details of BBN to pass on to another patient.  The positive comments from friends and workmates have been wonderful. I have even been asked if I’ve had ‘work done’!There is no magic potion or pill. It’s just real food & really good advice.  I actually felt the results and health benefits after only a couple of days.I no longer view this journey as a diet or program. It is a way of life. I will indulge from time to time and have dessert or chocolate, but I do so guilt free in the knowledge that my next meal will be perfectly balanced for me.  Although my diet wasn’t ‘bad’ before, my body just wasn’t getting the best out of what I put into it.  I would recommend BBN to anyone wanting to make positive changes in their lifestyle to attain a greater sense of wellbeing and lose weight. Checking in with them every couple of weeks has been very beneficial.  Their advice is always helpful and I come away from each appointment learning a thing or two.  The staff at BBN are always lovely and helpful. They are all gorgeous so must practice what they preach!

*Disclaimers: Results may vary based on an individual’s requirements and compliance with Body Balancing’s programs and protocols