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Weight Loss Tips for Sustainable Dieting and Nutrition.

If you’re looking to lose weight, you’ve likely encountered a fad diet that’s sworn to “drop kilos in weeks”. From body cleanses to low-carb plans, skinny teas and grapefruit diets, the list of popular crash diets goes on and on. While these weight loss diets differ greatly in their approach, they all have one thing in common – they don’t work for long. In fact, research suggests that weight regain is an issue after most, if not all fad diets. They trigger the body’s biological response to increase appetite, slow the metabolism and hold on to weight. So, what is the key to sustainable weight loss?

Your Body Has Needs

The human body needs a certain intake of protein, carbohydrates and fats. Without a healthy balance of these nutrients, your body can face serious health problems that stifle healthy weight loss and a happy life. Often, the rapid weight loss resulting from skinny teas, meal replacement shakes, and extreme dieting is not real fat loss. The lower number you see on the scale could be due to a loss of lean muscle, or simply lost water weight.

The Keto Diet for Weight Loss

Did you know, a recent study revealed that the keto diet does not actually show any long-term benefits for weight loss? At Body Balancing Nutrition, we recommend being very sceptical of any diet that vilifies and completely excludes certain food groups. Your body has a diverse range of needs, and an ‘all or nothing’ weight loss diet that excludes particular food groups is no way to meet them. Will eating no carbs make you lose weight? Likely yes, but it’ll also starve your body of the vital nutrients it requires and potentially cause health problems like nutrient deficiencies, increased risk of heart disease, constipation and low blood pressure.

Weight Loss Shakes

While weight loss shakes are known to provide quick, short-term weight loss results, they’re not the key to long term success. In reality, you probably won’t be living on weight loss shakes for the rest of your life. When you consume only shakes for an extended period, the extreme reduction in calorie consumption can result in negative side effects like slowed metabolic rate, fibre deficiencies and poor gut health. This means that once you begin eating substantial food again, the body is in prime condition to gain the weight back, plus more.

How Do You Achieve Healthy Weight Loss?

The best diet for weight loss is the one that accounts for your body’s unique nutritional needs, personal preferences and lifestyle. The most sustainable weight loss diet is not an ‘all or nothing’ approach, but one that fits comfortably into your life, providing a balance of vital carbohydrates, protein and fats.

At Body Balancing Nutrition, we provide our clients with personalised diet plans for weight loss that are designed to suit individual tastes, lifestyles and needs. We identify your body’s unique needs, including required levels of protein, carbohydrates and fat to create your ideal healthy eating plan. Our fact-based, scientific approach to weight loss allows our clients to feel energised, satisfied and vital all while they achieve long-lasting weight loss results.

We provide a FREE 45-minute clinical fat loss consultation, valued at $139. In this consultation, you’ll receive a free body composition scan. We measure your body’s composition in terms of water, fat, protein, muscle, bone mineral levels and visceral fat levels using our TGA approved InBody 570. This device is extremely accurate and allows you to see where your body is currently at to establish your best healthy eating plan moving forward.

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