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your health
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Supporting your health and fitness goals

Whether you are looking to improve your general health and well-being, lose weight in a sustainable manner or achieve your peak physical performance, Body Balancing Nutrition will support you on your journey. Our healthy eating plans will help you look and feel your best, inside and out.

With a highly

With a highly qualified team

With over 20 years of experience, our team of nutritionists and dieticians are experts in their fields. Our approach is driven by science and evidence-based research, so you can feel confident knowing your plan is backed by sound scientific theory.

We are passionate about helping people redefine their relationship with food and understand how they can live a healthier life.

Who will
help you
the world
of nutrition

Who will help you navigate the world of nutrition

We know the world of health and nutrition is complicated. The misinformation and conflicting advice available online makes looking after your health more of a challenge than it needs to be.

We also know that you might have tried to adopt a healthier lifestyle before and run into obstacles. We will consult with you to understand how we can support you as youachieve your health goals.

A Body Balancing Nutrition program includes:

  • InBody, body composition analysis
  • Body Balancing Nutrition recipes
  • Weekly, fortnightly or monthly follow ups depending on your goals

Help you
your new
eating plan

Help you understand your new eating plan

We will create a customised solution to set you on the right path to reach your fitness and health goals. No more relying on conflicting and complex sources of information – Your plan will be your new guide.

Our holistic healthy eating plan is designed to fit into your life, not complicate it.

You won’t have to:

  • Calorie count
  • Starve yourself or feel hungry
  • Cut out food groups
  • Give up your favourite foods
  • Shop at speciality stores
  • Cook elaborate, time consuming meals

And start
your journey
to health

And start your journey to health

Our 45-minute free clinical consultation will help us understand the unique challenges you face and your health goals. We will provide some initial guidance so you can begin your journey from your first consultation.

Book your appointment to discuss how our team at Body Balancing Nutrition can help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

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I  can't recommend them highly enough

I  can't recommend them highly enough. They really know their jobs. I'm extremely happy with my result.

My health coach was amazing. She not only explains everything clearly but she genuinely wanted me to have success!

When I first came to BBN I was tired, carrying more weight than I wanted to, and needing a much-needed boost in my mental health around food and fitness. I…

It’s been a fantastic lifestyle change for me and I know it’ll be a lifelong one!

When I came to BBN, I was despairing that my weight kept creeping up despite everything I tried. I also had some other health concerns, as well as always feeling…

Body Balancing has encouraged me to believe in myself and helped me to reach my goals!

I would just like to say thank you very much for all the great help and info I received from my sessions at Body Balancing. I am implementing all I…

I have already recommended Body Balancing to all my friends

I have thoroughly enjoyed my sessions so far with the Body Balancing Team. I have found the food menus easy and leaves me feeling satisfied. I lost a good amount…

I highly advise using these guys if you want real results and change for good

After trying many different diets and exhausting many other options I contacted body balancing nutrition about devising a nutrition plan for my specific body type. The friendly team at body…

I would recommend the program to all. It is intelligent and effective.

I came to the BBN system mid-year 2020 and have lost 9 of my 14 kg goal. The thing I liked most about the system was, I wasn’t asked to…

For me, 5 stars are not enough for you!

Body Balancing gave me the right tools to completely change my life and I'm so happy I decided to come to you that day in January. You are all great…

I would highly recommend Body Balancing as a long term, sustainable lifestyle.

I came to body balancing on the recommendation of a friend. I am 51 years old and I had noticed over the past few years that it had become increasingly…

Together, my husband and I have shed over 30kg and are at our healthiest and fittest we have ever been

Two years ago my husband and myself started our BB journey with Mel. WOW!! Is all we can say. The support and knowledge we have received since working with Mel…

12 kg lighter and I eat the most rich array of healthy foods

2 years ago I developed chronic fatigue and the GP offered no real solution to regain my health except to rest when necessary. I went to BBN after researching the…

My wife Tania and I absolutely love BBN.

My wife Tania and I absolutely love BBN. It has really assisted us in dropping off unnecessary kilos and the service from the staff is very special. We eat heaps…

Bridgette & Mel have listened to me on my down days and celebrated on my good days.

I have been coming to BBN for almost a year & they have helped me lose fat, increase muscle and feel much better about my middle aged body!!!! Even more…

Cant speak more highly of the BB Team.

Tanya and her team of ladies offer great real advice and encouragement to help you achieve long lasting results and habits. Cant speak more highly of the BB Team.

3.5 months later and with no change to my training regime, I’ve lost 7.5kg of fat and gained 2.1kg muscle.

I’ve been training like a demon for years and always carried excess fat. I tried varying “diets” with little effect. When a good friend plugged BBN, I thought I’d have…

“No Words Can Describe How Grateful I am for Your Continued Support…and I’m 30kg’s Lighter!”

 Rewind to October 2015, the lowest point of my 37 years of existence, fatigued, sluggish, moody and extremely overweight it was time for change. I stumbled across BBN website and…

 “I Stopped Being Focused on Weight Loss, and Started Reflecting on How Good I Felt and My Energy!”

 I have found the overall experience with BBN to be very enlightening and somewhat life changing. I have tried a number of other programs over the years with some giving…

“I Am Now 17kgs Lighter – and into a Size 12 Jeans From A Size 20”

Well I started out very sceptical about Body Balancing as a way to lose weight, after all hadn’t I tried every diet going for years and years, but my son…

NOT a One Size Fits All Program... This Is My Eating Plan Tailored Just For Me!

I contacted BBN nine months ago after several months of trying to lose weight using methods I had used, with some success, over the years.  But nothing was shifting this…

I Am Losing Body Fat While Retaining My Muscle!

I'd been trying to better manage my weight for quite some time and although I exercised most days to a high level of intensity I found it difficult to get anywhere…

People Don’t Just Comment on my Weight Loss, They Have Noticed a “Glow”….

I first heard about Body Balancing Nutrition from a friend.  I might not have taken much notice but for a woman in her late fifties she was in remarkably good…

“Definitely the Best Thing I Have EVER Done for Myself!”

In one sentence, my experience with BBN has been life changing. I feel so good, both in body and mind (as strange as that might sound). I actually did not…

“BBN is Inspiring and Impacts People in the Most Positive Way!”

It has now been 5 months since I contacted the team at Body Balancing Nutrition. I was not feeling well and tipping my scales at 117kg. I am now some…

“BBN Has Been Life Changing…”

BBN has been life changing. I have been with the programme for 8 weeks and have lost 11kg. It is the easiest plan to follow, who ever thought losing weight…

My Doctor Said it was a Miracle….

I offered to write a testimonial in regard to your services as I have become a strong advocate of your business since having my life completely turned around for the…

“I'm already clearing out the wardrobe of clothes now too big for me. That is an incredible feeling!”

I was ready for a new me. I'm 43 years old. Getting on the scales at whopping 113kg was a not a pleasant experience. My doctor wanted me to have…

Everything I Thought I Knew About Health and Nutrition Has Gone Out The Window…!

I came to Body Balancing Nutrition in the hope of some life changing inspiration. Although not particularly overweight, I was very unhappy with my body shape, diet and life style.…

 “I am a Much Healthier, Happier and More Motivated 50 Year Young Woman!” 

What an amazing health journey the past 6 months have been. 12 Kilos lighter (of body fat) plus improved blood pressure and blood sugar levels.  I am a much healthier,…

 “I Am Delighted With The Outcome”

I would like to express my appreciation for the services that you provided for me during my ‘Nutritional Learning Experience’ over the past 6 months. I am delighted with the…

“The Program Was NOT Difficult or Tiresome; it Fit and Continues to Fit my Lifestyle Perfectly.”

 I cannot speak highly enough of Body Balancing Nutrition and the benefits of the results.  Some recent changes in my life had me needing to be fully focused from the…

“Best Decision I Have Ever Made!”

Going to Body Balancing has been the best decision I have ever made! The process was entirely straight forward and easy. Knowledge is power and when you know better you…

 “It’s More a Way of Life and Making Better Choices!”          

Thank you to BBN for setting the record straight after all these years of being told, “Its menopause, you’ll never lose the weight” that this is rubbish, and that the…

This Is Easy, Achievable and More Like An Education, A Lifestyle Change That Has Made A Real Difference…..

I contacted Body Balancing Nutrition when I realised that I’d gained quite a lot of weight after having major shoulder surgery. I’d gone from being relatively fit and what I…

“I never deprive myself and have found lots of delicious, easy and balanced recipes on their website…”

 I contacted BBN hoping to gain a better understanding of my body, with the goal to tone up and feel a greater sense of health and well-being. I had always…

“This Will Stay with Me For the Rest of My Life!”

I joined the BBN program in November 2015, with my 50th birthday approaching at Christmas I was determined to get my body back into shape. I am 168.3cm tall and…

“I Was at the Point Where Weight Loss Seemed Impossible…then BBN Changed my Whole Perspective!”

I was at the point where weight loss seemed impossible. It didn’t appear to matter how “good” I tried to be, I couldn’t sustain weight loss and I was very…

“Knowledge of my Individual Medical Condition Gave Me Complete Confidence….”

Before my consult with Body Balancing Nutrition, I struggled with my weight, energy levels and overall health. Having come from a long history suffering an Auto immune disorder, my physical…

“I Have Tried ALL of the Fad Diets That Are Out There, BUT Never Again!”

I have been struggling with an injury for over a year and as a result I have not been able to exercise and found myself steadily gaining weight. I tried…

I Lost a Substantial Amount Of Weight

The program was initially hard for the first week or so, but after a short time I could see a pattern in the food chart, and although I was somewhat…

It’s Easy…It’s Too Easy!!

Although I was pretty healthy anyway, I started on the Body Balancing Nutrition eating program because I was ‘just fed up with myself … but now I’m not! I’ve referred…

“Being an Athlete, I Feel Confident I Have the Tools To Fuel My Body Correctly…”

Being an athlete, nutrition is a key factor in performance and something I have always struggled with. Body Balancing Nutrition has helped me tremendously in figuring out what my body…

“We Lost 12kg’s Each and Are Still Losing Weight on Our Own!”

 5 Stars for you guys!!   Myself and my husband started the program in Feb 2016 finishing June 2016.  We found the program easy to follow however food prep commitment is…

Through the Roof Energy Levels

BBN, and particularly my Nutritionist has helped me with life changing results. Being overweight, feeling tired and with “niggly” health issues all caused me to research. I learnt through the…

With Your BBN Plan We Found It Very Easy

I just wanted to say thank you all so much for helping Rob lose so much weight.   He is so much happier, and more energetic. His back pain, combined with…

“Initially I did the program to cut weight and did so without any problems, now I’m building muscle….”

I have never been terribly overweight however have always been affected by slowly adding on the kilos each year. Despite trying multiple quick fix weight loss solutions from shake diets,…

I Have Learnt the Right Way

I have found BBN very interesting and educational. I have now learnt the right way to eat and combine my foods. It is fun trying their recipes or inventing new…

I Can’t Believe I Can Eat AND Lose Weight Without Hunger Pains!!

Recommended by a friend, I attended Body Balancing for weight-loss.  What I got in return was so much more. I feel refreshed, energised and strong. My sleep quality and quantity…

If You Want To Get Back On Top, I’d Be Calling on BBN As Soon As You’ve Finished Reading This!

I decided it was finally time for a change in my lifestyle and eating habits after a couple of years of neglecting my health. I chose BBN to help me.…

“We BOTH Have More Energy and Feel Better Than Ever!!!”

My husband and I thought we ate relatively healthily but our weight just continued to creep up. We heard about BBN from a friend and decided to see what it…

“I’ve lost 10 kilos with BBN and I plan on losing a whole lot more…!”

Since first walking in the door at Body Balancing Nutrition, I have felt comfortable and supported. The reception staff are absolutely amazing, they always greet everyone with a smile and…

“BBN Has Motivated Me to Continue to Apply the Principles to Suit my Lifestyle”

I joined the BBN program because I wanted to build muscle and lose body fat through diet and exercise. The BBN program in conjunction with regular exercise is a healthy…

“I Have Lost Weight WITHOUT Exercise!”

When my age started to influence my weight, I was still relatively fit as I did regular exercise. However, chronic plantar fascitis and symptoms of fibro myalgia prohibit me from…

“I Even Began Doing Some Light Exercises Which I Hadn’t Done in a Long Time!”

After often complaining to my husband about how I needed to lose weight, and after many attempts with no long lasting results, we found BBN. We liked their program of…

“More Importantly, I Have Learnt to Think Differently About the Way I Eat….”

Having made the commitment to live healthier and lose weight, Tanya and the team really helped me turn that ambition into reality. Not only have I acquired new habits, but…

“I Feel Much Better, and I Also Shed the Excess 7kg of Fat Without Losing Any Muscle!”

I came to BBN mainly to improve my health and wellbeing. Weight loss was secondary given I was carrying only 7kg of excess weight (although getting rid of it would…

“It’s Amazing How Well I Felt Only Two Weeks In…”

With so many views on diet and nutrition I was constantly jumping from one fad diet to the next which I could never sustain. In June 2016 I was ready…

“I Cannot Thank You Enough!”

I seriously cannot thank you guys enough. You are all very delightful and such a pleasant team. I can ramble on and on, on how great you all are for…

“I Lost 10% Body Fat But More Importantly I Got An Education…”

I went to Body Balancing originally for their free health check assessment and was feeling unsure if a program was going to be right for me, but after that initial…

The Body Balancing Program is To Be Commended

The friendly and helpful staff, the information, the supportive environment and Body Balancing program is to be commended.  I highly recommend the program. *Disclaimers: Results may vary based on an…

 “It Is With the Utmost Pride That I Recommend Body Balancing Nutrition to Anyone!”

Being involved in multiple sports throughout high school, I was able to counter balance the fact that my diet was supremely unhealthy, and upon leaving high school at the end…



  • Our mission is to end your confusion on what to eat, and get you back to the basics of what your body REALLY needs to thrive.
  • We help you put the correct fuel into your body, and just like a car, premium fuel keeps your precious machine running at its best.
  • We teach you how to get your energy and vitality back through food, whilst regaining your correct body weight.
  • We educate how better meal choices can help in the prevention of long term health problems such as Heart Disease and Diabetes 2.
  • Our eating plans use foods which are readily available at your local supermarket or health food store.
  • Put simply our programs work!